Welcome to DrumBeats

DrumBeats Blog is a place to share information on motivating and leading Tribes to make the world a better place. History has proven that people work better in a group. We accomplish more when working together toward the same purpose.

Who we lead

A friend of mine recently pointed out that most of us are leaders of Tribes in some context of our lives. Whether you are the leader of a local, national, or global movement, the captain of a sports team, the leader of a bible study, or the parent of one or more children, you are a Tribe leader.

How We Lead

The interesting thing is that many the same leadership techniques work in most Tribes, regardless of the size or purpose. DrumBeats will be scouring the web for information and resources for Tribe leaders to be more efficient and effective in leading. But we also want to hear from you. How are you motivating and guiding your Tribe. What works and doesn't work for you and why. Nothing teaches like experience, whether it is your experience or the experience of someone else.

Why We Lead

Finally, we want to share with you. We want to know what matters to  you. What you are doing with your Tribe to improve the world, even if it is just your corner of it.

Gather  your Tribe. Make a difference.

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