We’re Pausing Kickstarter … for the BEST Possible Reason.

It has been a very exciting three weeks! We got a lot of great feedback from the contributors to our Kickstarter campaign and two things in particular have been significant. First, we received repeated requests to create a directory where people can publish their Tribe information so others can request to join. This was already a planned feature that we called “Public Tribes.” Second, we attracted the support of an investor who feels so strongly about this feature that they’ve decided to fund us through its completion.

As a result, we’ve decided to pause our Kickstarter campaign for two months while we add the Public Tribes feature as well as a few other minor ones. We feel that the addition of the Public Tribes feature is so significant that it will make a huge difference in the success of Tribalize.

We will restart our Kickstarter campaign November 1. Until then, we will redouble our marketing efforts to get the word out to as many people as we possibly can by running our

Kickstarter Relaunch Pre-Launch Contest.

Check it out and sign-up!

This wild ride seems to have just gotten started. For all of you who have backed this campaign, no money will be withdrawn as the Kickstarter policy is “all or nothing” for funding campaigns. We sincerely hope you will back our next campaign when Tribalize is new, improved and even more popular.

As always, thanks to all of you who have supported and continue to support this effort. Now more than ever we’re committed and convinced that Tribalize will be a huge success.


The Chief Chief

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